The S.O.T.L. Show

The S.O.T.L. Show

  • Monday, Nov 14, 2016
  • by stogietv, 404 Views


Welcome Sisters of the Leaf! That’s right, a show dedicated to the WOMEN!

Women cigar smokers are growing faster than ever world-wide. Producer “Tobacco Kennedy” says, ” Women that smoke cigars are not given the credit they deserve. I have meet some very influential women in cigar shops and they have nothing to prove, all they want is a place to relax and enjoy one of life greatest gifts, cigars. I produced this segment to highlight the power that women have and wanted to showcase to the world that they too have a place of male dominance.” ¬†Get ready to be entertained by classic hosts combined with classic topics that women all over the world can relate too and need help with! So grab your cigar and let’s smoke!

S.O.T.L. will air Fall 2017…Get ready!